Tournament's Stars

Find below all the Stars that played in GIF CUP's Tournament.
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Kylian MBAPPE in 2009 with Rennes
Pro in Monaco, Paris St Germain - 180 million €
France National Team U17/U19 and A

Kylian Mbappe
Anthony MARTIAL in 2006 with les Ulis
Professional in Lyon, Monaco, Manchester - 60 million €
France National Team U16/U17/U18/U19/Espoirs and A

Anthony Martial
Adrien RABIOT in 2007 with Créteil
Profesionnal in Paris St Germain
France National Team U16/U17/U18/U19/Espoirs and A

Adrien Rabiot
Kingsley COMAN in 2007 with PSG
Professional in Juventus, Bayern Munich - 21 million €
France National Team U16/U17/U18/U19/Espoirs and A

Kinsley Coman
Youri TIELEMANS in 2008 with Anderlecht
Pro in Anderlecht, Monaco - 25 million €
Belgium National Team U15/U16/Espoirs and A

youri tielemans
Benjamin MENDY in 2005 with Palaiseau
Pro in OM, Monaco, Manchester City - 57 million €
France National Team U16/U17/U18/U19/U21 et A

Benjamin Mendy
Allan St MAXIMIN in 2008 with ACBB
Professional in St Etienne, Monaco, Nice - 10 million €
France National Team U16/U17/U20

Allan St Maximin
Jean-Kévin AUGUSTIN in 2008 with ACBB
Professional in Paris SG, Leipzig - 13 million €
France National Team U16/U17/U18/U19/U20/U21

Jean-Kévin Augustin
Bilal BOUTOBBA in 2010 with Marseille
Professional in Marseille, Seville
France National Team U17/U18/U19

Justice Opoku
Jonathan IKONE in 2010 with PSG
Professional in Paris SG
France National Team U16/U17/U18/U19/U21

Jonathan Ikone
Neal MAUPEY in 2007 with Nice
Professional in Nice, St Etienne, Brest, Brentford (UK) - 2 million €
France National Team U16/U17/U19/Espoirs

Neal Maupey
Anthony MAISONNIAL in 2010 with St-Etienne
Goalkeeper, Professional in St-Etienne
France National Team U16/U17/U18/U19

Anthony Maisonnial
Hachim MASTOUR in 2009 with Inter
Pro in Milan AC
Youngest International Moroccan Senior

hachim mastour
Willem GEUBBELS in 2013 with Lyon
Pro in Monaco - 20 million €
France National Team U16/U17/U18

Willem Geubbels
Yann KARAMOH in 2010 with Racing CF
Pro in Caen, Inter Milan - 5,5 million €
France National Team U16/U17/U18/U19/U21

Yann Karamoh
Dan Axel ZAGADOU in 2011 with Créteil
Paris St Germain then pro in Dortmund
France National Team U16/U17/U18

Dan Axel Zagadou
Jeff REINE-ADELAIDE in 2010 with Torcy
Professional in Lens, Arsenal - 5 million €
France National Team U16/U17/U18/U19

Jeff Reine-Adelaide
Houssem AOUAR in 2010 with Lyon
Pro with Lyon
France National Team U17/Espoirs

Houssem Aouar
Ibrahima KONATE in 2011 with Paris FC
Pro with RB Leipzig
France National Team U16/U17/U19/U20

Ibrahima Konate
Soumare BOUBAKARY in 2011 with Paris FC
Pro with Lille
France National Team U16/U17/U18/U19

Soumare Boubakary
Amine GOUIRI in 2012 with Lyon
Pro with Lyon
France National Team U16/U17/U18/U19

Amine Gouiri
Gobbe GOUANO in 2012 with Bordeaux
Pro with Monaco


Lea KERGAL in 2012 with CAPS
Pro with Paris SG
France National Team U18/U19

Lea Kergal
Alexandre NSAKALA in 2012 with GIF
Pro with Sochaux
France National Team U16/U18

Alexandre Nsakala

Sébastien CIBOIS in 2010 with PSG
Pro in Paris SG
Sebastien Cibois
Arnaud NORDIN in 2010 with Créteil
Pro in St Etienne
France National Team U16/U18/U19

Arnaud Nordin

Fares BAHLOULI in 2006 with Lyon
Pro in Lille
France National Team U16/U18/U20/U21

Fares Bahlouli
Hervin ONGENDA in 2007 with PSG
Pro in Paris St Germain, Zwolle
France National Team U16/U17/U18/U19/Espoirs

Hervin Ongenda
  • Antony Ranieri (Nice) GIF CUP 2008
  • Benjamin Aulagnier (St Etienne) GIF CUP 2010
  • Lucas Perrin (Marseille) GIF CUP 2010
  • Alexis Claude Maurice (Torcy - Lorient) GIF CUP 2010
  • Arnault Nordin (Créteil - St Etienne) GIF CUP 2010
  • Sebastien Cibois (PSG) GIF CUP 2010
  • Adrien Fleury (Ste Genevieve - St Etienne) GIF CUP 2011
  • Bryan Batubinsika (Paris SG) GIF CUP 2012
  • Maxence Caqueret (Lyon) GIF CUP 2012
  • Alexis Flips (Lille) GIF CUP 2012
  • Maxime Pau (Lille) GIF CUP 2012
  • Aurelien Tchouimeni (Bordeaux) GIF CUP 2012
  • Stefano Caille (PSG - Tours) GIF CUP 2012
  • Bryan Bernard (Lens) GIF CUP 2012
  • Alexandre Philiponeau (Marseille) GIF CUP 2012
  • Ilian Meslier (Lorient) GIF CUP 2012
  • Hamza Khida (PSG) GIF CUP 2012
  • Brian Bernard (Lens) GIF CUP 2012
  • Stefan Bajic (St Etienne) GIF CUP 2013
  • Bafode Diakite (Toulouse) GIF CUP 2013
  • Willem Geubbels (Lyon) GIF CUP 2013
  • Khephren Thuram (ACBB - Monaco) GIF CUP 2013
  • Cameron Djassougue (ACBB - Sochaux) GIF CUP 2013
  • Wassim Felfoul (Cannes) GIF CUP 2014
  • Lima Semedo Darren (Cannes) GIF CUP 2014
  • Mara Sekou (Paris SG) GIF CUP 2014
  • Merlen Ryan (Lens) GIF CUP 2014
  • Amadou Traore (Paris FC) GIF CUP 2014
  • Tshibuabua Marvin (Lyon) GIF CUP 2014
  • Marco Pissardo (Inter) GIF CUP 2009
  • Mekalmu Taufer (Inter) GIF CUP 2010
  • Angelo Merlini (Inter) GIF CUP 2010
  • Federico Valietti (Inter) GIF CUP 2011
  • Alessio Zerbin (Inter) GIF CUP 2011
  • Russo Pio (Inter) GIF CUP 2011
  • Marco Sala (Inter) GIF CUP 2011
  • Andrea Adorante (Inter) GIF CUP 2012
  • Lorenzo Colombini (Inter) GIF CUP 2013
  • Emeric Guedegde (Inter) GIF CUP 2013